Friday, March 05, 2010

President Cassese submits Annual Report on first anniversary of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Leidschendam, Today 1 March 2010, pursuant to Article 10(2) of the Statute, the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Antonio Cassese submitted the first Tribunal's Annual Report to the UN Secretary-General and the Government of Lebanon. The Annual Report aims to illustrate the steps taken, the achievements made a well as the hurdles encountered during the STL's first year (March 2009-February 2010). Subject to the consent of the Secretary-General and the Government of Lebanon, the Annual Report will be made public in due course.

In commenting on the first anniversary of the Tribunal, President Cassese stated “The aims of the Tribunal are to render justice, to provide truth and peace of mind for the victims as well as to contribute to reconciliation within Lebanese society. The Tribunal further intends to strengthen the culture of accountability. We aim at dispensing justice impartially, fairly and free from any political or ideological bias, in full respect for the rights of defendants and victims.” The President stressed that the STL is aware of the challenges it has to face. But the Tribunal - he added - is prepared to meet these challenges and successfully complete its mandate.