Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lebanese Judge Joyce F. Tabet Assumes Functions as Deputy Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Leidschendam, 1 November 2009: The Office of the Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) announces that Lebanese Judge Joyce F. Tabet has assumed her functions as Deputy-Prosecutor of the Tribunal effective 1 November 2009. In accordance with paragraph 4 or article 11 of the STL Statute, the Deputy Prosecutor shall assist the Prosecutor in performing the functions “assigned to him effectively and efficiently.”

Judge Tabet will be based in the Beirut Field Office of the STL where she will assist the Prosecutor in discharging his mandate, including in ensuring liaison and coordination between the Office of the Prosecutor and the relevant Lebanese authorities.
Judge Tabet was selected and appointed in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 3 of the Annex to Resolution 1757 (2007) “Agreement between the United Nations and the Lebanese Republic on the establishment of a Special Tribunal”, which stipulatesthat “the Government [of Lebanon], in consultation with the Secretary-General and the Prosecutor [of the STL], shall appoint a Lebanese Deputy Prosecutor to assist the Prosecutor in the conduct of the investigations and prosecutions.”

The decision of the Lebanese Government to appoint Judge Tabet ad Deputy Prosecutor was announced in the Decree dated 12 June 2009 issued by the Lebanese Minister of Justice and published in the Lebanese Journal Official as decree number 2233.
Paragraph 4 of article 3 of the Annex provides that the Deputy Prosecutor “shall be of high moral character and possess the highest level of professional competence and extensive experience in the conduct of investigations and prosecutions of criminal cases” and that the Deputy Prosecutor “shall be independent in the performance of [his or her] functions” and shall not accept or seek instructions from any Government or any other source.”

Judge Tabet has a long and distinguished career in the Lebanese justice system where she served under different and various capacities since 1979 and her successful career culminated to her appointment in 2002 as General Attorney before the Court de Cassation in Lebanon.

Judge Tabet is a published author in judicial and academic magazines and journals of several articles including in the field of criminal law.

Commenting on Judge Tabet’s assumption of duty, Prosecutor Daniel A. Bellemare stated: “I am fully confident in Mrs. Tabet’s high calibre professionalism and independence. I am equally confident that she will be of valuable assistance to me in discharging my mandate and an asset to the Tribunal as a whole given her impressive career and great wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of justice. I commend her for having accepted this assignment in the service of her country.”